Time Passages Exhibit - Spectrum Gallery


We are happy to announce that we are exhibiting a few works in the Time Passages Exhibit at Spectrum Gallery from January 25th to March 19th.

Spectrum Gallery and Artisans Store of Centerbrook presents its first show of 2019, Time Passages, on Friday, January 25. With original artwork and fine crafts that illustrate the passage of time, the show explores the many ways (and mediums) of expressing this eternal concept. Located at 61 Main St., Centerbrook, CT, the show includes an Open Reception on Friday, January 25 (6:30-9pm) including wine and refreshments.

“We visualize time passing in so many different ways which is what amazed me about putting together this show……..seasonal changes, sunrises or sunsets, aging or birthing, objects rusting and deteriorating, nature wilting or about to bloom and the list goes on. Each image carries its own story. The question for all of us to pose while viewing this show is how do we view time passing as an ending or a potential new beginning?” Barbara Nair, Director of Spectrum Gallery.

Please visit http://www.spectrumartgallery.org for additional information.